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AXIOM International is contract research organization, with niche market and niche services, permanent training process producing own CRA forces, highly experienced individuals providing local expertise in drugs/devices development for Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies.

We manage investigational sites that have passed various CQA audits, including sponsors’, independent and FDA’s audits, sites with high enrollment rates and excellent retention. AXIOM International team is flexible, responsive and creative.

We created informed consent film in Serbian and English language with subtitles in English.

Others about us

FDA inspector:

“The study was well conducted, well documented and there were no observations found.”


“Thanking you again for your very responsible and professionally conducted collaboration in general and on GCP inspection in particular.”

“This could be a good opportunity for me to tell you how much I enjoy from the great interaction, the support and great work.”

“This is great! Thank you very much! We really appreciate your efforts.”